We have collaborated with vendors across the globe, to ensure optimal availability of COVID-19 essentials for ensuring that even the last traces of the virus are finished. We have following product-line available at most affordable prices, especially for large scale supplies in Corona affected regions

1. COVID-19 swab test kits.

2. Lactated Ringer.

3. Oxygen Face Mask with reservoir bag, disposable.

4. Infusion set up including pumps.

5. 3Ply Masks – Earloop or tie-in, Fluid resistant, ISO Certified pumps.

6. FFP1/2/N95 Masks, ISI Certified.

7. Coveralls –Self-adhesive front zipper.

8. Eye/Face Shields.

9. Boot covers, hair cover (bouffant).

10. Goggles - Polycarbonate materials, Extra Flex for tension control.

11. IR Thermometers.

12. Sterilized PPE Kits.

13. Gloves.

14. Hand Sanitizers.

15. Floor Disinfectants/Disinfectant Sprays for homes, buildings, colonies.

16. Wipes and Tissues.

17. No contact waste bins.

18. Bio-hazard disposable bags.