In an association of Goverment of Zambia, Ping Pong Health Care is working on various aspects of healthcare sector in Zambia, We are working on the Multi Speciality Hospital in Zambia as well


India's PingPong Managing Director Sidhaart Jaain displays an architectural design of a 750 bed’s capacity Indian Hospital that he intends to build in Zambia to H.E. President Edgar Lungu during the Central Province Investment Expo.

India is among the countries that are actively taking part in the Central Province Investment Expo.


Consisting of deligation of 11 members for investment In the field of Healthcare, Agro Processing, Mining, Housing, Water Solutions.

Met H.E. Sir Kenneth Kaunda,1st President of Zambia and friend of Lt. Mrs. Indira Gandhi and leader of Non Align Movement. He will patronize Water ATM for the benefit of AFRICA

( Delegation was lead by H.E. Mrs Judith K.K.Kan’goma-kapijimpanga, High Commissioner of Zambia to India & Siddhart jaain M.D of PingPong Global Limited )